Sony Playstation 3

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Name Joal
Age 16
Gender Perfer Not To Say
DOB 06/02/06

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Hey,im Joal :) nice to meet ya.Im a random kid living in Arizona who likes to use their computer, refer to me with any pronouns.i spend most of my days in my room doing nothing but i love the outdoors.I consider myself a pretty shy person, it takes a while for me to come out of my shell or decide to talk to anybody, and i perfer to stay around people im already familiar with, im not a very social person outside of the internet either but ive been trying to fix that, its not something im too proud of but rather something ive always been aware of.I believe that my sole purpose in life is to have fun, i love to watch cartoons and create things, such as this website, all for fun :D.I have two dogs, one named Bruno (named after a dog my mom saw on tv once), and another named Luna (for her dark fur).I love late night car rides and swimming.My name used to just be a nickname my ps3 freinds would call me when i was younger.Anyways, im not sure what else there is to say..

My favorite..

Food and Drink Raspberries, Sour Skittles, Gatorade, Fish
Color Every Shade of Blue, Most dull/muted colors
Living Thing Yorkiebreeds, Bombay cats, Ants, Wolves, Foxes, Marine life
Flower Dandelions
Season Spring, Fall, Winter
Car Silver 2016 Ford Mustang GT
Store Goodwill, Dollar Tree, AMPM, Circle K
Street Sign Overhead Guide Signs, Regulatory Signs
Console PS3
Handheld Nintendo DSi
Game LittleBigPlanet

My dogs

To the Left:Bruno..To the Right:Luna