funwww2 (funworld2)

funwww2 is a world i made with my cousin and my brother when i was about 10-11 or so,it was one of our 'main' worlds at the time and it was basically the only world we played for a long while,so much to the point i considered it my "best survival world EVER!!!" but when i look back at it now..not so much..actually..not at not really even anything in it........still though,even if it isnt the best looking world ive ever made, it still holds up as one of my favorite minecraft worlds and i still see myself playing it from time to time, and even updating the old builds we used to have!

funfact: this world was originally going to be the world i was gonna beat the enderdragon in for the first time in my entire minecraft life but my cousin ended up moving shortly after i thought of it,so i then decided that i couldnt do it without her or it wouldnt be as special and awesome as i wanted it to be,which lead me to just dropping that idea down the ravine and taking a long break from the world.


(all builds are outdated unless i specifically say so..also yes,these are what i considered my "best survival builds" back then,dont make fun..)


our house+lobby

my room

cousins room

brothers room

brothers lair

cave room

garden by me and my cousin

old minecraft journal entries by me

weird pool by my cousin

build by the beach

cave thing by my brother

farm except all the animals are despawned because i was too stupid to make a normal fence


empty shop